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Many corporate and medium-size business operations are unsustainable, with decreasing margins and difficulty attracting excellent talent. Stressed and sick employees are working ineffectively, and silos are a corporate hallmark. Innovation is acquired, not fabricated, and intrapreneurship is rarely considered. Without thoughtful succession planning and drastic changes to workplace structure, 40% of Fortune 500 companies will lose their place, if not their names, in 10 years. Ciel challenges you to look up.

About us

Ciel's core team and advisors work for each client as a unit to fulfill your vision of providing a nurturing and fulfilling workplace accompanied by a significant increase in profit margin. Our expertise includes:

  • Agile Thinking and Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Increasing Product Development Time
  • Ensuring Optimal Manufacturing Efficiencies
  • Meeting Productivity and Effectiveness
  • Thinking Styles for Creative Collaboration
  • Establishing Centers of Excellence
  • Creative Thinking for Innovation
  • Embodied decision-making
  • Integrative workplace wellbeing, and creative collaboration
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Advanced Ideation Facilitation

What will be your legacy?

Our Clients

  • Channel Resources

    previously wasted on unintentional inefficiencies to generate increased margins and reduce expenses.

  • Fully Protect Market Share

    Eliminate the need to ‘win back’ existing customers while increasing brand recognition and awareness.

  • Utilize Input of Different Generations

    to create profitable products and cost-saving solutions.


Meet Our Team

Laurie Buss
Innovation and Productivity

Jen Riedel
Design Thinking

K.T. Connor
Organization Development

Kevin Meredith
Corporate Centers of Excellence

Phyllis Marbach
Agile Development

Eric Zackrison
Team Development and Conflict Resolution

Meet Our Advisors

M. Mark Mayuga

Ted Bagley

Ray Ellis


Intrapreneurial Centers of Excellence

Operations, Manufacturing, and Development Process Efficiencies

Alignment of Thinking for Faster Innovative Product Development

Mind & Body Integration for Profitable Results

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Thoughtful corporate leadership has consistently proven to be among the most solid predictors of future success. I look forward to showing you how to harness the full thinking capability of your employees and innovatively increase profits and decrease expenses.

CIEL Solutions

Telephone: (805) 861-3300

Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday, Pacific Standard Time

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