Ciel Solutions Team Bios

Laurie Buss, Innovation and Productivity

Laurie Buss is highly regarded in the international satellite industry. For over 20 years, she has worked with and consulted for major corporations, such as Boeing, Globalstar, SES of Luxembourg, Orbital/ATK, Thales, Intelsat, and SpaceX for spacecraft design and test, program management, strategic planning, insurance placement and claims, risk assessment, marketing and market analysis.

In 2014, Laurie founded LBI Training Institute to teach Dr. Edward de Bono’s powerful Six Thinking Hats™ and Lateral Thinking™ methods because they yield pragmatic innovative ideas, provide a framework for planning and decision-making, and absolutely contribute to the financial growth of the organization.

Laurie is the sole author of “Group Flow: The Genesis of Innovation” published in the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Insight Journal October 2015. Laurie has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from UCLA, an MBA from George Mason University, a UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Finance Certificate, and is a Certified Trainer in the Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking methods.

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Jen Riedel, Design Thinking

Jen Riedel is exceptional at pattern recognition, systems design, and utilizing design thinking to synthesize all components of a system to work together. The power of positive experience is central to her designs. Her expertise of prototyping, product design, and service design have been acclaimed by clients such as Citrix, North Carolina State University, Techstars, and Trestles. Her empathetic, positive approach to facilitating workshops and experiences makes her a natural collaborator. Jen is always going the extra mile to to have the best connection with clients delivering quality consulting services and design thinking workshops. She holds a a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

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Phyllis R. Marbach, Agile Development

Phyllis R. Marbach recently retired as a senior software developer and project manager from Boeing Defense Space and Security (BDS). Phyllis has over 30 years experience in aerospace programs such as satellites, chemical lasers, the International Space Station, and various propulsion systems. She is a Scaled Agile Framework™ Version 4.0 Program Consultant and Trainer, and for the past seven years was an active agile coach for the Boeing Enterprise on various programs including Unmanned Air Systems, Radio, avionics, and research programs. Phyllis is a Boeing Designated Expert in agile software development, software engineering and systems engineering. She has an MS degree in Engineering from UCLA.

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K.T. Connor, Organizational Development

K.T. Connor, PhD is Managing Director of the Center for Applied AxioMetrics, a global network of consultants using decision potential assessments to assist organizations in hiring, developing, and promoting employees and building effective teams.

She received her PhD from the University of Southern California and her Masters from Case Western. An organization development specialist, she has been employed by both large and small organizations, including IBM, Hospital Corporation of America, The FAA, NASA, AT&T, the Army Corps of Engineers and Merrill Lynch, among others. She also served as a subject matter expert (SME) for character assessment for the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

She is a member of Rotary and currently President of the international professional society devoted to Value Science. She has been a professor and administrator at D'Youville College in Buffalo, and has taught communication, innovation, organization development, and ethics in public administration at USC, Cal State Fullerton Management School, the Graduate Business School at Pepperdine University and California Lutheran University.

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Kevin Meredith, Corporate Centers of Excellence

Kevin Meredith is a co-founder at The WESEE Collective – advancing Wellness, Education, Society, Ethics and Environment. Kevin directly leads The WESEE Collective’s Fourth Sector Innovations (4thSI) business, the advisory service focused on understanding and unlocking the client’s value creation potential through organic innovation.

Kevin’s approach to innovation was forged while working as an enterprise leader of organic innovation at Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company. In this role, Kevin conceived, developed and scaled a small pilot program into a company-wide network of connected employees and businesses that spanned the globe. His experience in value creation was further enhanced when he spent two years in Boeing’s corporate venturing group where he was responsible for early stage pipeline development and acceleration.

In his nearly 13 years at Boeing supporting amazing technologies that push the limits of possibility, Kevin accumulated a diverse set of experiences in program management, engineering, supplier management, process improvement (six sigma and lean), supplier-quality, human factors and auditing.

Kevin received his BS/MS degrees from the Industrial and Systems Engineering department at the Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA focused on Entrepreneurship from Pepperdine University.

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Eric Zackrison, Team Development and Conflict Resolution

Eric Zackrison (MA, MBA, PhD Candidate) has studied organizational communication at UCSB, establishing himself as an expert on coordination in complex organizations with his National Communication Association top paper that was also published in Communication Yearbook Volume 39. Additionally he has over 25 years as a manager, 14 years as an entrepreneur, and 8 years as a university level instructor teaching course such as small group communication, interviewing, organizational communication, and leadership.

Currently he combines his in depth understanding of theory with his extensive practical experience to work with his consulting clients to function at a higher level through stronger relationships, more thorough understanding of team dynamics, effectively aligned strategies and procedures, and an awareness of the impact that people have on attaining organizational goals. He has a particular affinity for moving managers to leaders and groups into teams.

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Ray Ellis, Advisor

Ray Ellis founded The Center for Dialogic Leadership, LLC in February 2015 based on the simple premise "the words we choose and then we use, create our future!" He works with individuals, teams, organizations, companies, and international businesses.

During his 30 year tenure at the Boeing Company Space & Intelligence Systems in El Segundo, California, he created an internal consultant role. His expertise in emergent dialogue was utilized across many functions in the Boeing Enterprise, such as Engineering, Quality, IT, Operations, Finance, Supplier Management, Human Resources and Knowledge Management. In the ten years prior to his retirement in 2015, over 20,000 employees attended his fun shops on topics such as interview skills, creativity and innovation, and Dialogic Leadership!

Ray has Master of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University - Graziadio School of Business and Management (2009) and a Bachelors of Science in Technical Management from Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University (2007). He holds a United States Coast Guard Captain Master License - 100 tons and is an avid sailor and sailing instructor. Ray has lived on his yacht in Marina del Rey since 1985.

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M. Mark Mayuga, Advisor

M. Mark Mayuga has had three careers in 45 years of continuous employment. He spent 30 years in the advertising, marketing, and design business, and 20 years as President of his own agency. The clients and projects were of a wide variety including, airline, automotive, food, retail, commercial, industrial, and communications. Annual Reports, product development, Business Plans, corporate communications were the specialty of DesGra, his agency name. Mark also taught part-time in the CSU and UC system in his areas of expertise.

Mark spent 10 years in the Public Sector as a Special Projects and Redevelopment Manager, Economic Development Manager, and Communications Manager.

Currently he is the Project Development Manager North America for ProCone GmbH and id-energy group Switzerland. His responsibility is to develop Gasification projects in North America, Central and South America. These projects include coal to ethanol, bio-mass to chemical and energy, and bio-mass to chemical liquids for industry and medical products.

He is currently developing projects in the Pacific Northwest, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Central America.

His consulting services are sought by City, County, State, and Private Sector Businesses in the areas of Economic Development, Redevelopment, Education, Housing, Retail, Manufacturing, Commercial Development, Entertainment, Public Facilities. Clients include the City of Shoreline, Washington State and numerous cities in California including Glendale, Santee, Colusa, and Fontana.

Mark is widely appreciated for his strengths as a creative thinker, problem solver, objective evaluator, crisis resolution, strategic planner, facilitator, consensus builder, and effective public communicator.

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Ted Bagley, Advisor

Ted Bagley of TBJ Consulting focuses on executive coaching, diversity training, labor relations and organization development. He recently retired as Vice President Human Resources Global Manufacturing for Amgen Inc. Prior to accepting the position with Amgen, he served as Sr. Director, Human Resources for Dell Computer Business Group and spent 25 years in human resources with the General Electric Company, graduating from the well-known GE HR training program. Ted served three years in the U.S. Army, including as a member of the President’s Honor Guard in Ft. Myers, Virginia. He also served a tour of duty in the Republic of Viet Nam where he was the recipient of the Bronze Star Medal of Valor.

As part of his community activities, Ted currently serves as board member of the Moorpark College Foundation, board member of the Gold Coast Veterans Foundation, Presidents Circle for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization, and past Polemarch (President) of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. as well as serving as board member of the Ventura Alumni Chapter of the fraternity.

Ted earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Franklin Business/Law School after attending Ohio State University for two years. He received his Master of Education and Counseling degree from North Carolina Central University in Durham, N.C.

Ted authored three published books: “The Tragedy of Darkness”, “My Personal War Within” and “The Success Factor”.

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